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Sony PlayStation 2 (Slimline) Review

A review of my Playstation 2 Slim.

  • Powerful Playstation 2 Repair Guide

    Authorhouse. 2015. ISBN: 9781418432652,1418432652. 96 pages.

    An excerpt, "Miraculous power emanates when wisdom and moral strength and moral discipline determine words and actions that resonate with harmony of eternal morals as opposed to immediate temptations of egoic desire. Miraculous power emanates when we comfort or care for someone in need. Miraculous power of forgiveness can transform a life. Miraculous power of hope can generate a million possibilities. Miraculous power of honesty can cleanse guilt. Miraculous power of atonement can eliminate...

  • Sony Playstation Book of Secrets: Little Known Tips You Need to Know About the Playstation Game System

    Lulu Press, Inc. 2015. ISBN: 9781329514379,1329514378.

    The desire of many gamers around the world to play with an efficient and technologically advanced console moved every manufacturer to create their own version using never before utilized gaming technology. Major gaming console manufacturers are on the peak of formulating their own versions of consoles that offers individual quality. The Playstation is one of the best gaming consoles out on the market today and putting the xBox 360 in shadow, though they’re both still in great competition....

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Playstation 2 Console - Black by Playstation

  • The Playstation 2 system lets you play original PS1 games as well...
  • Sony Playstation 2 system, One Dual Shock 2 Controller, AC Cable,...


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PlayStation 2 Console Slim - Black by Sony

  • Equipped with an integrated Ethernet port & modem port, for online...
  • Making it easy to carry & enjoy games and DVDs
  • DVD playback, Digital surround sound

PlayStation 2 Slim Silver by Playstation




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MIZAR Replacement Ac Adapter For Ps2 Slim by Mizar

  • Compatible with all PS2 Slim systems
  • Over six feet in total length
  • ac: 100V-240V, DC: 8.5V


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128MB Memory Card Game Memory Card for Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 by HUELE

  • Compatible with: Sony PS2 (Play Station 2)
  • Building a better system from the ground up sometimes involves...
  • Durable, compact design 128MB, 2043 Blocks of storage for your game...