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Classic Game Room - NINTENDO DS LITE review

Classic Game Room HD reviews the NINTENDO DS LITE handheld video game console! From Nintendo, the DS Lite has brighter screens and weighs less than ...

  • Pokémon for iOS: Watch the most epic trailer ever for something that is ...

    09/10/15 ,via BGR

    Nintendo might not have had anything to announce at yesterday's Apple event, but just a few hours later, The Pokémon Company held a press conference in Japan to announce Pokémon GO — an alternate reality game for iOS and Android devices 

  • Your Horse, Your World, Your Adventure:

    09/11/15 ,via Gamasutra

    The company has published more than 200 games worldwide since 2003, including the best-selling zombie action Dead Island™ franchise, the critically-acclaimed Metro™: Last Light and the smash hit action adventure Saints Row IV™. Deep Silver is a

  • What Makes Mario Galaxy So “Super”

    09/08/15 ,via Nintendo Enthusiast

    For the then new generation, Nintendo had decided to take a completely different approach from the 'norm'. They had already perplexed the industry with the double-screen DS handheld, and they completely pulled the rug from under everyone's feet with

  • Obscure Video Games: Zettai Zetsumei Dangerous Jiisan DS

    08/15/15 ,via Destructoid

    Thankfully, Grandpa doesn't touch any youngsters in his 2007 mini-game collection Zettai Zetsumei Dangerous Jiisan DS, released in Japan by Kids Station for the Nintendo DS. However, he does a lot of other things here that would indicate he is

  • Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light Review

    08/21/15 ,via Realm of Gaming

    I should have liberated the game, Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light from its confines sooner and experienced the greatness before 3DS became Nintendo's portable standard. I say this because it's a terrific title and doesn't deserve to be shoved into

  • Portable Play in Everyday Life: The Nintendo DS

    Springer. 2013. ISBN: 9781137396594,1137396598. 130 pages.

    People play mobile games everywhere and at any time. Tobin examines this media practice through the players directly using the lens of the players and practice of the Nintendo DS system. He argues for the primacy of context for understanding how digital play functions in today's society, emphasizing location, "killing-time," and mobile communities.

  • Holistic Mobile Game Development with Unity

    CRC Press. 2014. ISBN: 9781135038946,1135038945. 576 pages.

    Holistic Mobile Game Development with Unity: An All-In-One Guide to Implementing Mechanics, Art Design and Programming for iOS and Android Games Master mobile game design and development in this all-in-one guide to creating iOS and Android games in the cutting-edge game engine, Unity. By using Penny de Byl’s holistic method, you will learn about the principles of art, design, and code and gain multidisciplinary skills needed to succeed in the independent mobile games industry. In addition,...

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Nintendo New 2DS XL - Black + Turquoise by Nintendo

  • Colorful accents add style, while the sleek clamshell design makes...
  • A fast processor offers short loading times, so you can start...
  • The C Stick brings enhanced controls (like intuitive camera...

Nintendo DS Lite Cobalt / Black by Nintendo

  • Twin ultra bright LCD screens that combine crisp, punchy colors,...
  • DS Lite doesn't just play DS games – it also features an additional...
  • Get up to 19 hours continuous gameplay on one charge



Flip Travel Charger for Nintendo DS Lite by Generic

  • Collapsible plug on the back of wall charger.
  • Brand new non-OEM !!
  • LED light power indicator.

Fosmon AC Adapter Power Cord Charger For Nintendo DS Lite Battery by Fosmon

  • [PERFECT FIT] This charger is a perfect fit for your Nintendo DS...

Nintendo Ds Lite Gloss Silver NEW by Nintendo

  • Nintendo