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Nintendo Wii Hardware Review

For anyone thinking of buying a used Wii, here's a hardware review of the Wii console and its controllers. Support my Patreon: ...

  • New Apple TV to bring Wii-like controls, report says

    08/29/15 ,via Mashable

    If you've used a Nintendo Wii Remote before, you may already be familiar with navigating the next Apple TV. For weeks, reports have said Apple's new TV streaming box will include an upgraded remote that includes a trackpad. But it could also use Wii

  • The Good Listener: How Can Parents Make Time For Music?

    09/12/15 ,via NPR

    We get a lot of mail at Music, and alongside a new Wii U game that cost more than our gas bill is a slew of smart questions about how music fits into our lives. This time around: thoughts for parents who seek the mental energy to love music the way

  • Here's What Super Mario Bros.' Creators Think of Super Mario Maker

    09/11/15 ,via TIME

    Nintendo's do-it-yourself Mario-level-making tool, Super Mario Maker, arrives Friday for the Wii U. In recognition of that, as well as Sunday's 30-year anniversary of the original 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System's Super Mario Bros., here's an

  • The Legend of Zelda Wii U Community Divided Over Changes to Graphics Quality

    09/12/15 ,via Master Herald

    Of course, the “Zelda” franchise has always had a slightly cartoony look, but the cel-shaded style introduced in “Wind Waker HD” was a strong departure from what fans were used to, and it's not hard to understand why it divided the community like that.

  • Don't want to toss an Apple TV remote through your TV? You'll need to buy a ...

    09/09/15 ,via The Verge

    The remote's design — a thin candy bar of plastic that can be used both vertically and horizontally — should be identifiable to anyone who has used Nintendo's Wii. The Apple TV Remote Loop in particular looks identical to the Wii Bracelet, both

  • Wii Remote Control Used in Manipulation of Digital Lettuce Museum

  • Human-Computer Interaction. Novel Interaction Methods and Techniques

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2009. ISBN: 9783642025778,3642025773. 912 pages.

    The 13th International Conference on Human–Computer Interaction, HCI Inter- tional 2009, was held in San Diego, California, USA, July 19–24, 2009, jointly with the Symposium on Human Interface (Japan) 2009, the 8th International Conference on Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics, the 5th International Conference on Universal Access in Human–Computer Interaction, the Third International Conf- ence on Virtual and Mixed Reality, the Third International Conference on Internati-...

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Wii by Nintendo

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii by Nintendo

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Nintendo Wii U Console 8GB Basic Set - White by Nintendo

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Mario Kart Wii by Nintendo

  • Play friends locally on a single Wii
  • 2008 software - racing wheel not included
  • Battery: no battery used