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  • Here's What Super Mario Bros.' Creators Think of Super Mario Maker

    09/11/15 ,via TIME

    Nintendo's do-it-yourself Mario-level-making tool, Super Mario Maker, arrives Friday for the Wii U. In recognition of that, as well as Sunday's 30-year anniversary of the original 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System's Super Mario Bros., here's an

  • Super Mario Maker is the Wii U's defining game

    09/02/15 ,via The Verge

    Typically, Nintendo hardware and software exist in harmony; the N64's three-pronged controller made sense when you played Super Mario 64, and tens of millions of people understood the motion-sensing Wii remote the moment they pretended to swing a 

  • Is Apple TV The Next Nintendo Wii? Not Quite

    09/10/15 ,via Tech Times

    No longer does a television only play TV shows. Now it can play movies, music, games and much more, and Apple is looking to bring that idea to the masses. Not that it's a new idea. Game companies like Sony and Microsoft have been doing this for years, 

  • Play Wii U's Splatoon Free This Weekend

    08/21/15 ,via GameSpot

    Nintendo has announced that the next Splatoon "Testfire" event, which allows anyone with a Wii U to try out the squid-themed shooter, will be held this weekend. Starting today, August 21, at 3 PM PDT / 6 PM EDT, you'll be able to play a free demo

  • Wii U to Become Pokken Tournament Playing Field

    08/25/15 ,via TechNewsWorld

    Nintendo and The Pokemon Company last week announced that Pokken Tournament -- the Pokemon fighting game developed by Namco Bandai -- will expand from arcades in Japan to a worldwide launch on the Wii U in the spring of 2016. Pokken 

  • IPod, Youtube, Wii Play

    Wipf and Stock Publishers. 2012. ISBN: 9781621894605,1621894606. 220 pages.

    Should Christians wait or wail about the scope and power of modern entertainment? Maybe both. But first, Christians should think theologically about our human passion to be entertained as it relates to the popular culture that entertains us. Avoiding the one-size-fits-all celebrations and condemnations that characterize the current fad of pop culture analyses, this book engages entertainments case by case, uncovering the imaginative patterns and shaping power of our amusements. Individual...

  • HCI in Work and Learning, Life and Leisure

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2010. ISBN: 9783642166068,3642166067. 532 pages.

    The LNCS series reports state-of-the-art results in computer science research, development, and education, at a high level and in both printed and electronic form. Enjoying tight cooperation with the R & D community, with numerous individuals, as well as with prestigious organizations and societies, LNCS has grown into the most comprehensive computer science research forum available.

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