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  • Automakers Will Make Automatic Braking Systems Standard in New Cars

    09/12/15 ,via New York Times

    But the automakers have not set a timetable for the introduction of the systems, and regulators may still seek government rules that would require the equipment as a standard feature in all cars and trucks — just as airbags were mandated a generation ago.

  • Honda to test self-driving cars, manufacturers pledge auto-breaking for the masses

    09/12/15 ,via Ars Technica

    The autonomous vehicle has had a very good year, with Google's cars logging 1.8 million miles, Delphi's system completing a first-ever autonomous cross-country trip, and just under a dozen manufacturers getting approval from the California Department

  • Morgan Stanley analyst thinks gas-powered cars could be doomed - and that's ...

    09/11/15 ,via Business Insider

    Morgan Stanley lead auto analyst Adam Jonas published a research note this week in which he outlined the "structural advantages" the electric car has over vehicles powered by traditional internal-combustion engine. Jonas' views stem from his out-there 

  • Just Cool Cars: SS Cars pounced before Jaguar

    09/12/15 ,via USA TODAY

    PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. -- Before there was Jaguar, there was SS Cars, an English company that produced beautiful tourers like the 1935 SS1 Saloon. Andre Wallimann of Maur, Switzerland,, brought his near-perfect example of the SS1 Saloon, as the model 

  • Classic cars roll into town for annual show

    09/12/15 ,via Elko Daily Free Press

    The car is one of many classics featured in the Elko Classic Car Show this year, but it's one of only three of its kind still in existence today. According to Paul, Cadillac made 500 of this model in 1911, and only two of the existing cars are still

  • The Cars of The Fast and the Furious

    MotorBooks International. 2018. ISBN: 0760315515,9780760315514. 127 pages.

    A fascinating look inside the preparation of the cars and the making of the movie scenes featured in the 2001 box office hit The Fast and the Furious and in the 2003 summer release sequel The Fast and the Furious 2. Officially authorized by Universal Studios, this book draws on the experience of Eddie Paul in acquiring, constructing and modifying the cars for both movies. This book, with 300 color illustrations, reveals how the automotive stunts were choreographed, performed and filmed. This...

  • Classic Cars

    Lerner Publications. 2018. ISBN: 9780822559269,0822559269. 48 pages.

    Examines the automobiles built from the end of World War II through the 1970s.

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