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Cingular Flip Phone Review: Can You Go Back to a 'Dumb' Phone?

Cleaning off my desk before we head out to MWC, I came across this interesting little device. A brand new flip phone in an age of ultra cheap smartphones?

  • 2007: iPhone signals a broader transformation at Apple

    09/09/15 ,via Silicon Valley

    Apple signed a multi-year exclusive relationship with Cingular, meaning that Cingular will be the only U.S. carrier to offer the iPhone for the time being. While Cingular has more customers than another other U.S. cell phone network, the relationship

  • Beacon Hill neighbors have the blues over proposed cell tower

    06/30/15 ,via Ashland Daily Tidings

    The application is in the name of Cingular Wireless, a mobile phone company that has been purchased by AT&T. Residents objections include aesthetics, history and loss in property values, but their lawyers have told them these don't carry much weight in 

  • From AT&T To Cingular And Back Again

    01/14/07 ,via CBS News

    Three years after AT&T Wireless subscribers found their cell-phone carrier was now Cingular Wireless, Cingular Wireless subscribers will soon be learning to call their carrier AT&T. In the latest step of a confusing dance of brand names in the wireless

  • Data Throttling is Bad Business for Cellular Giant

    08/10/15 ,via Huffington Post

    I've had a cell phone with AT&T for so long; over a decade. I've had an unlimited data long before Apple even released the first iPhone. I've had the iPhone 3, 4, 5, 6 and even some iPads with AT&T. I've had it since MySpace ruled supreme and neither

  • The Inside Story of How the iPhone Crippled BlackBerry

    05/22/15 ,via Wall Street Journal

    Mr. Lazaridis initially offered BlackBerry's planned new Bold phone, with its traditional keyboard and new touch-screen display, as the answer. But Verizon officials waved him off. If Apple and AT&T were gaining ground with a touch-screen phone

  • The Cell Phone Handbook

    2018. ISBN: 1890154261,9781890154264. 410 pages.

    Discusses the types of cellular phones available; how to choose a carrier; sending faxes, email, and data; and deciding on a rate plan.

  • Cyber Bullying

    John Wiley & Sons. 2008. ISBN: 9780470693346,0470693347. 224 pages.

    Cyber bullying has become more prevalent through the use of e-mail, instant messages, chat rooms, and other digital messaging systems. It brings with it unique challenges. Cyber Bullying provides the most current and essential information on the nature and prevalence of this epidemic, providing educators, parents, psychologists and policy-makers with critical prevention techniques and strategies for effectively addressing electronic bullying. Provides an empirically-based resource with...

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TeleEpoch Cingular Basic Flip Phone GSM Unlocked by Cingular

  • Unlocked cell phones are compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and...
  • Device is great for seniors and impaired individuals very basic...
  • Quick access function buttons Large keypad Compact flip design


  • Access Streaming AT&T TV and AT&T Radio
  • 1.3 Megapixel Digital Camera Takes Print-quality Stills
  • First AT&T Razr With Near-broadband Data Download Speed


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Turtleback Fitted Case for Consumer Cellular Alcatel Go FLIP Phone Also for ATT Cingular FLIP2 and T-Mobile 4044W with Metal Heavy Duty Ratcheting Removable Belt Clip by TurtleBack

  • MADE IN THE USA: This product is fully-designed and manufactured in...
  • HEAVY DUTY METAL CLIP: Removable snap-on metal clip is durable and...


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Agoz Carrying case For Alcatel GO FLIP, Alcatel ATT Cingular Flip 2, Alcatel QuickFlip, HEAVY DUTY RUGGED Canvas Vertical Holster Pouch Cover with Metal Clip, Belt Loops, Card Slot & Front Buckle Clip by AGOZ

  • Provides excellent protection from the elements and protects your...
  • Front buckle clip for extra security and credit card slot.
  • AGOZ Heavy Duty Rugged Vertical Canvas Case with Belt Clip and...