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Texas Instruments TI-450 Vintage Calculator Restoration

Here I show a vintage TI-450 calculator that could use a restoration job. The only thing wrong with it is that it needs the capacitors on the power supply replaced.

  • Is This the Original Smartwatch? Tiffany's Pulsar Takes Us Back to the Future

    09/07/15 ,via Bloomberg

    Don't talk to me about your Casio Calculator watch being the original smart watch. When electronic watches were still in their infancy and portable screen technologies were nearly nonexistent, there was the Pulsar. This vintage find is a Pulsar model

  • Opinion: Winston rocks a 27-year-old suit

    09/09/15 ,via 3News NZ

    Winston Peters has taken vintage fashion to an all new level by rocking a 27-year-old suit around Parliament. Inquiries by 3 News have found the distinctive "new" grey suit Peters is wearing is not new at all - in fact, like him, Peters says the

  • The Mean in the Machine

    09/09/15 ,via Good Times

    There was genuine vision in the way Jobs thought of the computer as a tool for personal growth, not a simple calculator for bean-counting. Jobs took the terror out of the personal computer. He was right. There was so much to gain. Jobs' mystique

  • Top chefs turn to app to restock their kitchens

    08/31/15 ,via New York Post

    Dine Market has a recipe calculator so restaurants can compare the cost per dish. The app can also Vintage bathtubs mounted behind the 35-foot-long bar will be filled with cold beers at the 2,500-square-foot, two-story space with 65 seats. Craft

  • Go Back To School In Style With Casio

    08/20/15 ,via PR Newswire (press release)

    For another burst of color, Casio's fx-9750GIIPK offers all of the standard features of an entry-level graphing calculator and is ideal for students in middle school, high school and even college. Available in both blue and pink, the fx-9750GII

  • The Electronics Revolution

    Springer. 2017. ISBN: 9783319490885,3319490885. 286 pages.

    This book is about how electronics, computing, and telecommunications have profoundly changed our lives – the way we work, live, and play. It covers a myriad of topics from the invention of the fundamental devices, and integrated circuits, through radio and television, to computers, mobile telephones and GPS. Today our lives are ruled by electronics as they control the home and computers dominate the workspace. We walk around with mobile phones and communicate by email. Electronics didn’t...

  • Calculators at Work in Daily Living

    Walch Publishing. 2001. ISBN: 082514275X,9780825142758. 105 pages.

    Introduces students to basic calculator use and guides them step by step through everyday math tasks. Builds life skills such as managing a checking account, comparison shopping, budgeting, and more. Provides teacher pages with answers, goals, extension ideas, and Internet tie-ins.

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Yellow Mountain Imports Vintage Style Wooden Abacus, Soroban Calculator with Reset Button, 13.75 Inches, 17 Column by Yellow Mountain Imports

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