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CAM #1 - HP Prime Graphing Calculator Arrival and Review

Click "Show more" ------------------------------------------- An introduction and initial review of the the HP Prime colour (color) graphing touch screen calculator....

  • Ray Dalio Expounds on 'All-Weather' Strategy After It Doesn't Withstand August ...

    09/10/15 ,via GuruFocus.com (registration)

    They, in this case the US, invariably print money to relieve the squeeze. . A PC was a big step up in efficiency from a slide rule or an HP hand-held calculator and graphs plotted by hand with colored pencils, which was what they used early on. Bob

  • How Two Startups Are Working To Change The Diversity Gap In FinTech

    08/31/15 ,via Fast Company

    Addepar and ZestFinance aren't just disrupting spreadsheets and calculators, they are tackling the diversity gap. By Lydia Dishman. In the tech business, the focus is usually on "In many cases, as long as a candidate shares your vision and core

  • Hacklet 70 – Calculator Projects

    08/14/15 ,via Hackaday

    Today it may be computers, smart watches, and smartphones, but that wasn't always the case. In the 50's No equals sign needed here; [Joey] designed this calculator to work with Reverse Polish notation, just like many of HP's early machines. Stacks

  • Go Forth on a Breadboard

    08/30/15 ,via Hackaday

    If you ever used HP calculators (or slide rules) you'll appreciate that Forth uses Reverse Polish Notation (RPN). I never understood why forth was so popular, it still looks like a basic interpreter got off with a calculator. a product where I

  • 2016 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid presents electrifying performance

    08/31/15 ,via Torque News

    Electrifying! To impress greatly; thrill. "an electrifying performance" Synonyms: excite, thrill, stimulate, arouse, rouse, inspire, stir (up), exhilarate, intoxicate, galvanize, move, fire (with enthusiasm), fire someone's imagination, invigorate

  • Make It New

    MIT Press. 2015. ISBN: 9780262029636,0262029634. 280 pages.

    California's Silicon Valley is home to the greatest concentration of designers in the world: corporate design offices at flagship technology companies and volunteers at nonprofit NGOs; global design consultancies and boutique studios; research laboratories and academic design programs. Together they form the interconnected network that is Silicon Valley. Apple products are famously "Designed in California," but, as Barry Katz shows in this first-ever, extensively illustrated history, the role...

  • Hewlett-Packard Journal


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HP 12C Platinum Calculator by HEWLETT PACKARD

  • Simple, easy-to-read 1-line-by-10-character display
  • RPN and algebraic data entry
  • Includes carrying case and long-life battery


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Caseling Graphing Calculator CASE fits TI-84 Plus or TI-83 Plus. And fits the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE or TI-83 Plus CE. + More. Includes Mesh Pocket for Accessories by caseling

  • PREMIUM QUALITY made of durable EVA, crush resistant, anti-shock,...
  • COMFY CASE Includes Removable Wrist strap Handle for your comfort...
  • UNIQUELY DESIGNED to custom fit and protect Most Graphing...


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Leather Calculator Case for Financial Calculators by Samson Technologies

  • Outside dimensions: 6.25" x 3.75" x 1"
  • Leather flip case for financial calcualtors with magnetic clasp
  • Fits other calculators of similar size

HP Slip Case Cover for HP 12C 11C 15C 16C Calculators by HP

  • Original HP slip case that came packaged with the HP 12C Calculator
  • Also fits the HP 11C, HP 12C Platinum, HP 15C, HP 16C and other...
  • Vinyl/Leatherette Pouch

Leather Zipper Calculator Case for HP 10BII/12C/15C/17BII/32SII by HP

  • Interior dimensions H(Height) x W(Width) x D(Depth or thickness) =...
  • For HP Financial and Scientific Calculators HP...
  • Includes inline shield backing in between leather and interior for...