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Calculations with the HP-15C (Video 4)

In this video, I show you how to evaluate expressions using the HP-15C calculator.

  • Nothing like the HP RPN calculators

    05/12/15 ,via Science 2.0 (blog)

    Below is a Limited Edition HP-15C from the re-release in 2011. It is a gift from my children as they knew about my love of these calculators. The re-release is a result of a campaign from users, but unfortunately it was quickly sold out and is no

  • HP reincarnates calculators on iPhone, Windows

    06/26/09 ,via CNET News

    The $14.99 application is accompanied by a $29.99 emulator of the 15c scientific calculator, which is better at handling trigonometry and integration than mortgage payments and net present value. All that's missing is the pocket protector-like iPhone

  • HP releases iPhone versions of classic calculators

    06/24/09 ,via Macworld

    The $15 HP 12c and $20 HP 12c Platinum provide the same business-focused functions and formulas as the hardware models, and the $30 HP 15c includes all of the original's scientific algorithms and calculation sequences, including matrix, root, and 

  • Penn State researchers to investigate Apple Watch as learning tool

    07/08/15 ,via Apple Insider

    At the time I had an HP 15C Calculator which was a small computer at the time and it could perform matrix math, and I had a class requiring matrix math to solve problems. It would take people 10 minutes to solve a problem by hand I could get it done in

  • "World's Smallest Chess Code" is a Cheating Novice (But Still Kind of Lovable)

    01/28/15 ,via DailyTech

    For hardcore chess or coding nerds, the name 1K ZX Chess may ring a bell. This 1983 chess program was coded for the ZX81 -- an early computer from a company called Sinclair Research. The code is noteworthy as it's often cited as the world's smallest 

  • HP-15C owner's handbook

    1983. 293 pages.
  • Library of Congress Subject Headings


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