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CAM #1 - HP Prime Graphing Calculator Arrival and Review

Click "Show more" ------------------------------------------- An introduction and initial review of the the HP Prime colour (color) graphing touch screen calculator....

  • Ray Dalio Expounds on 'All-Weather' Strategy After It Doesn't Withstand August ...

    09/10/15 ,via (registration)

    These were the 'timeless and universal' linkages Ray had set out to understand in the 1970s. A PC was a big step up in efficiency from a slide rule or an HP hand-held calculator and graphs plotted by hand with colored pencils, which was what they used

  • Why A White Poet Posed As Asian To Get Published, And What's Wrong With That

    09/10/15 ,via Hawaii Public Radio-HPR2

    If Dolezal obscenely fantasized about becoming black, Hudson at first looks like a clear-eyed calculator. He wanted power, the capital of multicultural difference. But American literature isn't just an art form — it's a segregated labor market. In New

  • Hacklet 70 – Calculator Projects

    08/14/15 ,via Hackaday

    We start with [Joey Shepard] and RPN Scientific Calculator. No equals sign needed here; [Joey] designed this calculator to work with Reverse Polish notation, just like many of HP's early machines. Stacks are pretty important for RPN calculators, and

  • A Portable Smartphone Printer Puts Your Selfies on Old Receipt Rolls

    09/04/15 ,via PSFK (blog)

    Printing exclusively on thermal calculator rolls available for a mere $3.29 USD on Amazon, the paper scales up to 85 feet and agrees with adhesive. After an initial print, the item then syncs automatically with your phone (unless . Portrait image

  • Gigabyte P55W v4 Review

    09/05/15 ,via

    Its weight is average for the class at 5.5 pounds—lighter than the seven-pound Alienware 15, but heavier than some slimmer 15.6-inch gaming notebooks like the Asus Republic of Gamers G501JW (0.8 inch thick, 4.5 pounds) and HP Omen 15 (0.8 inch, 4.7

  • Computational Analysis with the HP 25 Pocket Calculator

    1977. 280 pages.
  • Library of Congress Subject Headings


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